5 Things to Remember about Goal Achievement

June 24, 2020
in order to achieve goals we must first put things into perspective

After I found the courage to want more for myself and set my Dream Goals, I found that I struggled most with getting started. I seemed to never find the right time or the right atmosphere to jump in and get stuff done. Once I became a coach I realized that I wasn't alone in this struggle and that a lot of the women I work with don't know where to start either.

The Ingredients for a Balanced Day

June 15, 2020
have a balanced day to prevent burnout

In my coaching practice, one of the number one complaints I hear from clients is that they feel overwhelmed and burned-out. Although they may be getting enough sleep at night they feel tired and drained throughout the day. Is this you? Aside from not eating a healthy and well-balanced diet, you may be feeling this way because you aren't making sure your day is balanced.

2020 the Year of Exposure

love your neighbor
photo: @ninastrehl

2020 has been one of the worst years in my lifetime. However, it has also been an important year for everyone. Several years back I realized after going through my own personal struggles that nothing great comes out of us without us first being stretched and pulled. I believe this is how God refines us and prepares us for the next level of our lives.

15 Things to Say Every Day for Confidence

June 09, 2020

you need confidence to accomplish goals
photo: demorris-byrd

It takes confidence to accomplish your goals. Not only do you have to have confidence in yourself, but also in the one who sent you. Here are 15 things to say to yourself every day to build confidence so that you will stand out from the rest and accomplish all your goals.


5 Books to Make You Money Smart

June 07, 2020
5 Books to change your money mindset
Photo: by katyukawa

     Now more than ever we need to make smart decisions concerning our money. According to a report released by Goldman Sachs, an estimated 18.9 million jobs will be lost by July with some states reaching as high as a 20% unemployment rate. With millions of payments yet to be received and congressional leaders still debating on whether or not to send another round of stimulus checks, our only hope is to educated ourselves on ways to become good stewards over our money.   

Prayer to Take Away Pain and Get Strength

June 03, 2020

ease pain from racial injustice

Father, I'm hurting. I'm afraid and I'm tired. 
I'm afraid for my father, husband, son, brother, uncle, and cousins.
I'm tired of seeing men that look like them being murdered in the street.
Father, I'm scared to feel because I know if I let go and 
allow myself to completely feel this pain, 
I may not recover.

3 Keys to Being Happy

Learn the 3 keys to having a happy life.

Read this very carefully because this is a public service announcement of sorts.

Do you want to be happy? I'm not talking about temporary happiness that lasts for a short time and then you feel like crap all over again. I'm talking about joyful happiness that sticks around even when times get tough. With only 33% of Americans reporting that they are happy it seems like a myth for someone to say they actually have a 3 step formula to making this happen.