5 Things to Remember about Goal Achievement

June 24, 2020
in order to achieve goals we must first put things into perspective

After I found the courage to want more for myself and set my Dream Goals, I found that I struggled most with getting started. I seemed to never find the right time or the right atmosphere to jump in and get stuff done. Once I became a coach I realized that I wasn't alone in this struggle and that a lot of the women I work with don't know where to start either.

The problem is we know in theory what it takes to start the process of achieving our goals, but just before it's go-time we find some way to conveniently say we'll start next week or the week after next. If you've struggled with pulling the trigger when it comes to achieving your goals, here are 5 things to remember: 

Manage your energy, not your time

There is no shortage of "time-management" tools and tricks out there, but is that really what we should be managing? After all, time is something that none of us can really control. I call time the great equalizer because it is the one thing that we cannot buy more of. No matter how wealthy or poor a person is, they have the same amount of hours in a day. The real thing we should be managing is not time, but the amount of energy we put on people, towards tasks, and into our emotions during those 24 hours.

Manage your energy not time, energy is actually something you can control.

  • People - People can be placed in three categories when it comes to managing the amount of energy we give to them; energy suckers, energy givers, and neutral. For the sake of time, we'll focus on energy suckers because they are the ones that you need to reclaim your energy from. Energy suckers are the people who literally suck the life out of you. They always have some sort of drama going on and seldom do they offer an encouraging word or good advice. The amount of time you give to these people should be limited and replaced with activities that will help you accomplish your goals.
  • Tasks - A simplistic approach to tasks is to label them as productive or time-consuming. If a task helps you get closer to your goals it is productive. However, if it doesn't or has no effect you can label it as time-consuming and limit the amount of energy you give to that task. 

simplify tasks into two categories

  • Emotions - This is a big one that often goes unnoticed by most people. A study was done by AI firm-DeepAffects that shows that our emotions can affect our productivity. They saw a correlation between positive emotions and high productivity during their study that showed production happening at twice the rate for workers that expressed positive emotions, rather than negative ones. I suggest practicing gratitude and prayer daily in order to maintain a positive and prayerful attitude throughout the day.   

Make W.I.S.E. Decisions

Remember the W.I.S.E. decisions acronym when deciding if something is productive or time-consuming; will it strengthen my elevation. Before you put your energy into something or someone, ask yourself if that thing or person will strengthen your elevation. This will prevent you from getting caught up in time-consuming things like gossiping, binge-watching television, and over-eating junk food. 

Prioritize Production over Perfection

A gentleman at a business seminar helped me to understand this concept. He was my partner for one of the activities. I heard him mumble to himself during our exercise, "Progress over perfection because progress leads to production and production leads to profit." Simply put, if you never produce anything, you'll never reap the rewards of your work. This concept holds true no matter what your goal is. 

You'll never lose weight if you're concerned with having the perfect outfit, perfect diet plan, and perfect exercise regimen. Instead, focus on getting up and moving your body. The book will never be complete if you keep deleting and then retyping chapters. It's best to simply put your fingers on the keyboard and flow until your thoughts and ideas are complete. How can you open the business if you're spent most of the time designing the perfect logo rather than producing the product and marketing it to potential clients?

an attitude of gratitude is the only attitude to have
Do you use Pinterest? Would you consider pinning this image to your favorite board? 

Your Efforts are Never Wasted

Speaking of perfection, more often than not we get caught up in trying to make things that don't matter perfect because we are afraid to move forward. It's scary to jump into something with both feet and then to let things unfold as they come. We have this need to control things; our life, the outcome, and sometimes other people. When we don't feel in control, we can sometimes feel a great sense of tension and powerlessness. 

With this in mind, I offer this solution to you wanting to feel like you're in control; you are 100% in control of your efforts, but not the outcome. This may be hard to accept since we are taught that hard work always pays off, but in reality, sometimes it doesn't. However, there is hope for the believer since God uses all things for the good of those who love Him according to His purpose for them.

This means that nothing you do is in vain. It may not work out the way you thought, but your efforts are never wasted. The skills, knowledge, and resources you gain during the process will be used to help you fulfill your purpose. Think of your life as a set of stairs that you are climbing to reach the top door, but along the way, there are various doors you must open. The thing waiting behind each door is unknown and may not be exactly what you want, but you're gaining strength and stamina as you go up. Had it not been for your persistence you would have never built up the stamina to make it to the final door that holds your big reward.  

focus on what you can control

Have an Athlete's Mindset

Here is how I explain this to my clients; go into achieving your goals with an athlete's mindset. If you or anyone you know is an athlete or has ever trained for an event, you know that an athlete trains so that they can be at THEIR peak performance. Athletes do what's necessary to build their bodies up in such a way that they feel confident that they have reached their highest performance level at the time they face their next opponent.

However, athletes do not go into a match knowing without a doubt that they will win because they have no way of controlling all aspects of the match. For example, a ref may make a bogus call that affects the entire match or their opponent may be faster, stronger, or better that day. The key thing here to remember is having an athlete's mindset means you do everything in your power to place yourself in a position to accomplish your goal. Do not be the person saying you could have done more, but you didn't.

Also, athletes train consistently. They do not wait until the night before a match to hit the gym hard. Likewise, you should be working on your goals consistently by doing something every day that will get you closure to your finish line. Daily work could be mental work to strengthen your mind or completing action steps specifically related to your goal.

You really have no way of predicting the future or knowing if you'll really accomplish that goal at the appointed time. However, what you do know is that you have the ability to control the amount of energy and effort you put towards your achievements. Therefore, your peak performance, like the athlete is achieved through working at your goals consistently.

If you need a fun and creative way to track your progress and remain consistent with your goals, you can check out our Dream Builders Trello Board for inspiration.  


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