15 Warning Signs You May Need to Declutter Your Home

July 23, 2020

Declutter for maximum productivity

In December 2019, while preparing my vision board for 2020 and praying, Yahweh (God) gave me two words that I needed to master in order to prosper. He told me to be ORGANIZED and CONSISTENT. At the time I really didn't understand the fullness of those two words and how they would impact me and my ability to accomplish some major goals this year. 

Since I received those two words (organized and consistent) I've managed to write my first eBook, build an online course, an online community, created this blog, and all that while being a life coach and homeschooling parent of two boys.   

Has it been easy, heck no! This goes without saying, 2020 has been the most challenging year EVER! But, what I can say is that it's also been my most productive year ever. I owe that to first getting organized and then being consistent. But before the organization and consistency came I had to declutter my life. This post will address where I started first, my environment.

Decluttering your home is essential to ensuring you are mentally focused and calm. As Dr. Robert London, a psychiatrist points out, clutter can lead to anxiety and stress and it is usually after the clutter is clear, that you can begin to tackle bigger issues. If you are struggling with knowing whether or not you need to declutter your space; I've compiled a list of the top 15 warning signs that its time to break out the trash bags and donation boxes below.    

I created my first eBook, only after my mind was clear to be creative. That started with a decluttered space.

15 Warning Signs You May Need to Declutter Your Home

  • Your home makes you feel overwhelmed when you look around. Here's a declutter test; do you walk through your front door and sigh, or do you smile and take your bra off so that you can truly get comfortable? 

  • You can't find where you've placed everyday items. I'm not talking about losing the remote because you left it in the bathroom or refrigerator (I've done that). I'm talking about not being able to locate shoes, clothes, your bag, or the comb you just put down after parting your hair. 

  • You have things you and your family haven't used in over a year. Please let that stuff go, you probably don't even remember that you have it anyway. Donate it to charity or pass it on to a family member who needs it.

Declutter your house can declutter your mind.
Do you use Pinterest? Would you consider pinning this image to your favorite board? 

  • You've mistakenly bought something you already have at home. Similarly, to number 3, you have so many items you can't readily locate stuff so you didn't realize you already own what you just bought.   

  • You've held onto broken things. I understand your husband says he can fix it, chances are he won't if it's already been over a month. 
  • Your drawers and cabinets have things spilling out of them or they won't easily close. I know you have a "junk" drawer and that's cool, but it's time to declutter when you can no longer close it. 

  • Piles of paper have formed on various surfaces. Create a system for dealing with mail as soon as it comes in. Get a filing cabinet for all of your important documents and create a file for each member of your household or scan everything into an electronic filing system. 

  • This one is for Sis with the natural hair... You have products that you've tried and they don't work with YOUR texture. Please let those products go. Your hair will not magically start agreeing with the ingredients in those products. And you knew Sis on YouTube was a 3, you're a 4. Stop playing.    

  • You cannot see the tops of your dresser or kitchen counters. This is the reason you can't find everyday items and you misplaced the comb you just used.  

  • Your garage is being used to house stuff instead of your car, and more importantly, you can't even remember what's in the boxes and bins. Your kids don't play with those toys anymore and you're not going to use that treadmill.   

  • Your floor space is limited. Here's a test; can a person in a wheelchair get around your house? 

  • You spend a lot of time cleaning your house, doing laundry, and organizing things. If you find yourself having to spend all day getting organized or cleaning that could be a sign that you may need to get rid of some stuff.  

  • You feel like you have a lot going on. Clutter can affect your mood, making you feel depressed, anxious, and breaks your concentration. 

You have clothes with tags still on them months later.

  • You have clothes with the tag still on them after several months. Is your closet so full that you haven't worn new clothes/shoes after several months? 

  • Your sink/countertops are always full of dishes. Our initial thought when entering the kitchen for a drink is to grab a cup/glass from the cupboard instead of cleaning one from the sink. If dishes frequently pile up in your sink, you may need to limit the number of dishes you have, thereby forcing yourself to clean them more frequently. Get rid of those mason jars, butter containers, and bowls that are missing a lid.

Be intentional about your space for maximum productivity and mental clarity.


  1. Amen to that. It is so true to remove the things that no longer serves us in order to set clarity. "Less is more" we don't have to fill up the house with items we won't use. Clutter brings anxiety and overwhelm. And also keeps us in a state of being too comfortable.

    Thank you Coach Kasey for bringing such powerful insight.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I believe my last reply was inadvertently deleted. Sorry.