4 Questions to Ask Before You Give Up

July 11, 2020
Before you give up read this.

Trying to accomplish your goals can be a vicious cycle of feeling happy and motivated one day then frustrated and defeated the next. There is no easy way to say this but...you're not going to be motivated just not going to feel like it every day. Some days you are going to want to turn the alarm off, rollover, and go back to bed. 

This is largely due to the fact that motivation is an emotion. In other words, you either feel motivated or you don't. Motivation is highly dependent upon your current circumstances and mood. If you are having a good day you may feel like conquering the world. Then when everything seems to be going wrong you may find yourself wanting to sit that day out. 

Before I get into this list of the 4 questions to ask yourself before you give up, I want to reassure you that everyone feels like giving up at some point. You are not alone in your feelings. The most accomplished CEO or serial entrepreneur has faced feelings of wanting to throw in the towel and quit. Yet, they didn't and they usually don't. After all, we wouldn't have billion-dollar a year companies like Wal-Mart, Facebook, or Amazon if they had.

With this in mind, remember it isn't the number of times you feel like giving up that matters. It is the number of times you actually do give up that will determine whether or not you are successful. These 4 Questions to ask before giving up of designed to make you consider what it will cost you if you walk away from your goals right now. 

Before you give up, ask yourself these 4 questions.

What am I gaining by giving up?

Make a list of everything that you believe you will gain in your life by giving up. No matter how silly it is write it down. Now examine the things on your list and answer this question; is giving up really worth it. Are the items on your list satisfying enough for you to give up now? If not, don't quit, keep going. 

What will I gain if I keep going and it works out?

Now make a list of everything you will gain if you keep going and it works out as planned. What if you start that business and it's successful or you actually drop the 25lbs. you've been wanting to lose? What impact will your success have on your life? So often we worry about the negative what-ifs, like what I fail or what if it doesn't work out. Have you considered the positive what-ifs? What if it does work out, what if he's the love of your life, or what if this is your purpose? You'll never know if you give up now.   

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How will my success affect the people around me?

Make a list of all the people who will be affected if you give up now. How will their lives be impacted? Will your success literally change the trajectory of your family, finances, or happiness? Will it break some generational curses off your children or give your spouse the opportunity to work less and possibly quit his job? Will you be able to take care of your aging parents or live a longer and healthier life yourself. All of these things affect the people around you tremendously. Is giving up worth losing the impact you could make in their lives?  

If I give up now, how will it affect what I have planned for my life in the future?

Do you have plans for your future that are contingent upon what you're doing now being successful? When you decide to quit this, remember you may also be deciding to quit things in your future that haven't had the opportunity to succeed or fail. Make a list of how this goal impacts your future plans. For example, were you planning to travel the world or put your children in private school; was your business going to pay for it? Were you planning to run a 5k in the fall? Will losing this 25lbs help you get into the physical shape needed to do that? Is giving up on this worth giving up on your future too? 

The choice is yours sweetheart but please choose wisely.

I have consider all my options and giving up isn't one of them.
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