7 Quotes Every Woman Should Live By

July 01, 2020

make yourself a priority
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These 7 quotes every woman should live by will help you to keep things in perspective. These quotes are not just for the everyday woman, they are for women who are ready to start taking charge of their life and have more. And, the best way to have more and take charge is by making yourself a priority. So in a sense, these quotes will help you to put yourself first. 

And yes, I'm talking about being selfish...dealing with the ish within yourself. You owe it to yourself to take the time to deal with all the ish that is holding you back from building the dream life you've always wanted. And if you are looking for a safe place to do that and to connect with other like-minded women join us in the Dream Builders Lounge.

7 Quotes Every Woman Should Live By     

unlearn unhealthy habits

When you get serious about wanting more for yourself don't just focus on mastering new things. Start with unlearning all the dysfunctional things you've mastered over the years that caused you to end up here in the first place. Your current life is the sum total of your habits. Your job is to figure out which habits are healthy and which are dysfunctional. Once you've decided, start replacing the dysfunctional habits with new ones until they are no longer a part of your life. 

chase purpose and everything else will be added

It is so easy to get caught up in wanting titles, positions, and things. Seldom do we realize that if we figure out how to truly live our purpose all of the other things will be added to our lives. When God created you, He gave you a purpose to fulfill in the earth. Therefore, the greatest possible blessings you could ever have in your life are all attached to your destiny. Don't short change yourself by living a life without purpose.  

choose to breathe clean air
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We can go our entire lives living a life that is covered under a cloud of past hurt and pain. Or, we can live a life of freedom, where we are able to breathe in the new experiences that come our way. The people who hurt you have since left, but you allowed them to leave with your future by giving them space in your present. Work on forgiveness and sharing your past pain as a testimony of what you've overcome. You are not a victim, you are a survivor. 

dream builders motto

Accomplishing your goals should not just be reserved for the beginning of the year when everyone gets together and makes their vision boards. Accomplishing your goals needs to become a way of life for you. Each goal that you achieve is another step higher and you should always say yes to your next level in life. You can learn how you can create and accomplish goals that will lead to your freedom, security, and happiness in our Women Dream Builders Masterclass.  

your pain is your strength

I cannot stress this enough...you are strong because you have experienced pain. Pain is not a sign of weakness, on the contrary, the fact that you are here reading this blog is a sign that you are a survivor. Take a couple of seconds to think about all the ish you've been through. Now compare what your life is now to what it should have been. Should you be dead, out of your mind, or in somebody's jail? Statistically speaking should you have graduated? Should you be raising your children in a two-parent household? Should you be somewhere with a needle in your arm instead of holding down a job? Give yourself more credit, with all that you've been through it's a miracle that you made it.   

live like you have purpose
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There is no one on this earth who has been through what you've been through and made it out the way you did. She may have gone through something similar to you, but she doesn't have YOUR story. Have you ever wondered why you survived and others didn't? Your story/testimony is wrapped up in your purpose. You survived so that God can use you to help get someone else out of a similar situation. God said he'll give those who mourn in Zion beauty for ashes. Sweetheart your beauty is your testimony. You have walked through hell and you may have come out smelling like smoke, but at least you lived to tell about it.

change your perspective to achieve your goals

Goal achievement is 10% action and 90% mental. That means you can do all the right things in the right order, but if you don't believe that it's yours, you'll always stop just short of the finish line. Goal achievement is not a race, it is more like a marathon that requires endurance and stamina to run until the end. If you're serious about building your dream life you need to change where you perceive the finish line to be. Women who are serious about building the life of their dreams do not have termination dates on their goals. The process of achieving their goals are done when they are finished. 

To state this a different way, a person can be done with something but that doesn't mean that something is finished. Done could also mean that you've given up, but finished means who've brought that thing to completion. There is no better example of this than Jesus after having received the sour wine, He gave up His spirit by saying "It is finished."  

If you know like I know, Jesus didn't die so that you and I could live a mediocre life full of shoulda, coulda, wouldas. If you are ready to change your perception join me in the Masterclass today. 

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