Check Your Heart Before You Type

August 30, 2020
Rampant social media bullying makes me wonder, do people check their heart before they open their mouth. Or, maybe these people's heart is really just wicked and they don't care who they hurt with their words.

After learning about the passing of Chadwick Boseman and then the cyberbullying prior to his death I was sick to my stomach. To be honest I had no idea he had lost weight or that he was battling cancer. And, where others may have known Boseman had lost weight from pictures, they had no idea of his struggles. I keep my exposure to social media at a minimum for this very reason. 


25 "What" Questions For Self-Discovery

August 24, 2020

Ask yourself these "why" questions to discover who you really are.

From the moment we're born we are told who we are; our parents, extended family members, and society all begin to shape who they want us to be. No wonder depression is most common among 18-25 year-olds, which is a key time in our lives where we try to discover our own identity. 

3 Tips For Handling Family Dysfunction

August 23, 2020
Learn how to pull away from your family's drama.


Every family has its moments where drama breaks out, but with some families, dysfunction seems like a never-ending cycle. Growing up in this type of family can be hard especially for the person who wants to make a better life for themselves away from all the drama.  


Prayers Of Encouragement And Praise

Prayers of encouragement and praise to Yah

I am blessed because my trust and hope are in Yah (Jeremiah 17:7).
I am confident that Yah who has begun a good work in me will finish it until the day of Yeshua Moshiach (Philippians 1:6)

Rise Up Judah


Come out of false religion

Mighty Judah, rise up and take your rightful place in this world.
Rise up, for you are chosen, mighty Judah.
 You are the lion's Cub coming from Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, and Gaza.
 Judah, the fourth son whom  Leah praised Yah: after you there was no other. 
You Judah are a royal priesthood, set apart from the nations. You are the chosen ones hailing from the East.

30-Day Confidence Builder

August 20, 2020

Bible verses to help you build confidence.

Confidence is something that we all need in order to accomplish our goals. However, it's perhaps one of the hardest traits to develop in a world that favors perfection over truth. Our social media accounts are bombarded by "no makeup," makeup shots, and overly edited photos that appear to be natural. We are flooded with the overnight success stories of business gurus that seldom talk about the 5-10 years of struggles before they hit success.