I Had to Cuss Myself Out...

September 30, 2020


Talk yourself into motivation.

This weeks Speak Your Truth is a testament to how hard it is to be the one who says yes. I'm talking about that Then said I, Here [am] I: send me (Isaiah 6:8 MNV), kind of YES.



September 06, 2020


Increase your earning potential by expanding your mental capital. Here are my book recommendations for achieving your goals, figuring out your purpose, and getting a deeper relationship with God.

Any guess as to the most efficient way to increase your earning potential...expand your mental capital. We live in a time where information is freely given. Successful entrepreneurs, psychologists, and life coaches have detailed the blueprint to their success within the pages of their latest book; yet Americans between he ages 20-34 spend on average less than 7 minutes a day reading. 

107 Things Women Should Stop Doing If They Want Success

September 04, 2020

Here is my list of 107 things women should stop doing if they want to reach their full potential. You may be doing a few of these right now.

Self-sabotage - Let me count the many ways that we can block ourselves from accomplishing the goals we've set in our lives. The crazy thing about self-sabotage is that it doesn't have to be anything big. It can be just a limiting belief here or a few days of procrastination there, and before you know it your months off from the deadline you've given yourself.