107 Things Women Should Stop Doing If They Want Success

September 04, 2020

Here is my list of 107 things women should stop doing if they want to reach their full potential. You may be doing a few of these right now.

Self-sabotage - Let me count the many ways that we can block ourselves from accomplishing the goals we've set in our lives. The crazy thing about self-sabotage is that it doesn't have to be anything big. It can be just a limiting belief here or a few days of procrastination there, and before you know it your months off from the deadline you've given yourself.

In my Women Dream Builders' Program, I talk extensively about how we don't set-up certain areas of our lives in the proper way to help us accomplish our goals. Here, I want to focus on those everyday things that we often do, and sometimes overlook, which can be detrimental to our mental and physical health. These are the things that take us out of the game before we even get the nerve to start. And if you're lucky to start working on your goals, these things will cause you to quit before you reach the finish line.     

Let me know in the comments how many of these 107 things women should stop doing if they want success you've done. 

107 Things Women Should Stop Doing If They Want Success

1. Stop missing workouts.

2. Stop eating things that are highly processed.

3. Stop drinking less than 8 cups of water a day.

4. Stop going to bed late. 

5. Stop dieting and make it a lifestyle.

6. Stop arguing with fools.

9. Stop holding on to regrets.

10. Stop holding onto disappointments. 

11. Stop listening to what "they" say.  

12. Stop making it personal when you don't know them personally.

13. Stop expecting liars to tell the truth.

14. Stop keeping unequally yoked people in your life. 

15. Stop worrying about whether or not "they" like you.

16. Stop doubting yourself.

17. Stop holding back. 

18. Stop being fearful of the future.

19. Stop being in a relationship for the sake of being in a relationship.

20. Stop working through your vacation.

21. Stop working on your days off.

22. Stop spending time with people out of obligation.

23. Stop being afraid of change.

24. Stop just going with the flow when the flow is too slow.

25. Stop pretending everything is okay. 

26. Stop procrastinating.

27. Stop looking for perfection.

28. Stop going to bed without thanking Yah for allowing you to live through another day.

29. Stop going to bed without giving your burdens over to Yah.

30. Stop being embarrassed about your interests. 

31. Stop overanalyzing the situation; sometimes it is what it is. 

32. Stop withholding an apology when you're wrong. 

33. Stop thinking you're always right. 

34. Stop believing your experiences translate to the rest of the world. 

35. Stop creating unrealistic deadlines for yourself.

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36. Stop creating unrealistic deadlines for others.

37. Stop holding people to your unrealistic expectations.

38. Stop saying yes to everyone while saying no to yourself.

39. Stop rationalizing people's bad behavior.

40. Stop enabling people's bad behavior. 

41. Stop spending every waking moment being busy. 

42. Stop thinking things are all wrong.

43. Stop thinking in place of doing.

44. Stop preparing in place of starting.

45. Stop oversharing and get straight to the point.

46. Stop finding new ways to do stuff that will work if you would be consistent.

47. Stop stopping and starting over.

48. Stop comparing yourself to others.
49. Stop expecting overnight success.

50. Stop believing the hype.

51. Stop wanting more when you haven't cultivated what you already have.

52. Stop wanting it to be easy instead of doing the work to get better.

53. Stop overspending on things you don't need.

54. Stop feeling guilty for your past.

55. Stop feeling guilty for other people's inability to cope.

56. Stop feeling guilty for other people's inability to succeed.

57. Stop feeling guilty about leaving people behind.

58. Stop feeling guilty for ending unhealthy relationships.

59. Stop ignoring your instincts.

60. Stop being critical of yourself.

61. Stop holding your past against you.

62. Stop feeling guilty for moving away.

63. Stop feeling guilty for saying no.

64. Stop being the victim.

65. Stop looking for excuses to not finish.

66. Stop looking for excuses to not start.

67. Stop looking for excuses to fail.

68. Stop watching mainstream news networks.

69. Stop arguing about politics (unless it's your job).

70. Stop critiquing other people's appearance (unless it's your job).

71. Stop using your phone during family time.

72. Stop spending hours watching television. 

I will not hold grudges against myself for the mistakes I've made.

73. Stop spending hours on social media (unless it's your job).

74. Stop listening to music while driving, instead opt for a podcast or audiobook.

75. Stop wondering why you; why not you.

76. Stop expecting progress out of little work.

77. Stop waking up past 6am.

78. Stop hitting snooze.

79. Stop overindulging. 

80. Stop expecting different results from repeated behavior.

81. Stop seeking outside validation.

82. Stop measuring your success up against others.

83. Stop expecting your 2 years to produce what her 10 years do.

84. Stop living on motivation and develop discipline.

85. Stop expecting the worst.

86. Stop driving yourself crazy with worry.

87. Stop giving of yourself to people who don't put in the same effort.

88. Stop waiting for permission to be great. 

89. Stop allowing others to determine your worth.

90. Stop waiting for tomorrow to do what you could do today. 

91. Stop feeling like an imposter for your achievements. 

92. Stop waiting for the "right" time.

93. Stop waiting for everything to line up.

94. Stop waiting for Yah to do what you can do; He does the impossible and you're responsible for the rest. 

95. Stop thinking of other women as competition instead of allies. 

96. Stop dimming your light so that others can shine.

97. Stop believing the doubters.

98. Stop listening to the haters.

99. Stop telling your dreams to people that lack vision. 

100. Stop taking advice from people who are failing in the same area.

101. Stop backing down.

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102. Stop playing it safe.

103. Stop wasting your time.

104. Stop measuring worth with material things.

105. Stop measuring worth with titles.

106. Stop apologizing all the time.

And finally, Stop trying to live up to other's expectations; live your truth.


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