September 06, 2020


Increase your earning potential by expanding your mental capital. Here are my book recommendations for achieving your goals, figuring out your purpose, and getting a deeper relationship with God.

Any guess as to the most efficient way to increase your earning potential...expand your mental capital. We live in a time where information is freely given. Successful entrepreneurs, psychologists, and life coaches have detailed the blueprint to their success within the pages of their latest book; yet Americans between he ages 20-34 spend on average less than 7 minutes a day reading. 

When I think about all the things I've learned within the pages of the books I list below, that statistic is mindboggling to me. We get ourselves in debt up to our eyeballs going to school to further our education when most of that stuff can be learned by simply reading a book; one we can get for free from our local library. 

No, I'm not saying college is bad or that you shouldn't aspire to get that degree, after all, some are the first in their family. However, what I am saying is that most college professors have not mastered the very skills they are teaching. How many of your professors in the school of business can say they started a business from the ground up and grew it to a billion-dollar corporation; the late Steve Jobs can. Or how many of your psychology or sociology professors can say they are literally THE inspiration behind most modern self-help books today; James Allen and Napoleon Hill can. 

I hope you get the point by now that everything you need to know or have ever wanted to master is all within the pages of a book. Oh yeah, and those of you reading this post who are already avid readers, support your local library by cleaning out your stash and donating the books you've already read. KEEP READING FREE.

Got a recommendation for my list, leave it in the comments.

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