I Had to Cuss Myself Out...

September 30, 2020


Talk yourself into motivation.

This weeks Speak Your Truth is a testament to how hard it is to be the one who says yes. I'm talking about that Then said I, Here [am] I: send me (Isaiah 6:8 MNV), kind of YES.

The yes of purpose and being the only one in your family to do something. The yes where you stop hanging out on the weekend and focus on being obedient in your calling. The yes that looks funny and peculiar to other people (1 Peter 2:9), but you know you're set apart so you're cool with looking crazy.

This type of yes can be a lonely and hard place sometimes. Not many people understand what it takes to be the one who says yes. I thought about going back to being a regular housewife and shutting everything down. It would be so easy to just quit. I could wake up when I want, spend hours reading books and watching baking competitions on Netflix (don't judge me that just so happens to be what I like to watch).

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I even prayed for The Most High to take the desire out of my heart if it wasn't in His will. "Just make me not care for it anymore," I said. Then, the strangest thing happened, instead of losing my appetite for coaching, writing, and teaching I grew even more hungry for it. See
, when you're deeply involved in purpose, it won't let you go.

During the time I was praying for The Most High to take my desire away I was being reminded of who I am. I had forgotten that I'm a Dream Builder. You ever forget who you are and start acting out of character? Have you ever got caught up in thinking you're a quitter or that you don't have what it takes to get the job done?

Dream builders don't wait for life to happen, they build their life by accomplishing one goal at a time.

I had to take a break and meditate on a few things. 
  1. My Purpose.⁠
  2. My Value/Worth.⁠

My purpose is to help women of color accomplish their goals faster, figure out their purpose, and form a deeper relationship with God. My value/worth is priceless. A King died for me. The Messiah made himself lower than the angels so that I could have this life I'm living. This purpose I have is very expensive. I'm talking designer. ⁠

I had to cuss myself out. It went something like this...⁠

How dare you talk about quitting! How dare you say it's too hard! How dare you put a timeframe on what The Most High is doing in your life! ⁠

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I even reached out to a fellow life coach to really get my head on straight. ⁠That's my truth for this week. Yes, even life coaches need coaching. ⁠Now, here's my truth for you: Don't ever devalue your purpose and worth. You were bought with a price. It doesn't matter how insignificant you may feel right now. You are worth the price of a King.⁠

This is who we are, ladies. We are Dream Builders. It gets hard sometimes, but, hey somebody gotta do it. Why not you. Truth be told, you were born for this.⁠ You know it and I know it. That's why you read this article to the end 😉

Now, what's your truth this week. Share it with us in the comments and don't forget to stalk me on social media ⤵⁠

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