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Coach Kasey Marie | Writer | Life Coach
Coach Kasey Marie
Writer | Life Coach

Hey, I'm Coach Kasey Marie. I help black women confront their fears, insecurities, and past trauma so they can completely transform their life into one that brings them joy and abundance in every area. I started this journey back in January 2017 with no idea where it would lead me. However, what I did know is that I could no longer live with my feelings of depression, anxiety, and a lack of passion. 

Now I offer free resources and personal coaching to women who, just like me, didn't know where to begin with having the life they want and deserve. These women have given up in the past because achieving their goals became overwhelming and scary. 

This blog is for those women, the women who, despite everything they've been through, still have hope that there is more for them. If you are that woman, keep reading. If not, and you're at the point of wanting to give up; hopefully, this blog will change your mind about what you're capable of achieving. 

Think we'd be a great fit, and perhaps I can help you transform your life into one that you're proud of, where you're accomplishing every goal you can dream of? Email me at kasey.cooper@refromedangryblackgirl.com about booking a free discovery call today.

Live Your Truth, Not Their Expectations

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